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About EL.i.BE

“Music is the universal language to convey emotions. If your audience isn’t moved in the slightest, you haven’t done your job as an artist.”

EL.i.BE is a Twin-Cities based, nationally recognized MC, producer and  co-founder of Cherry Sky Studios. EL.i.BE's sound is defined by the moods and textures that reflect the layers of his complex journey. His work is largely Inspired by being a first-generation immigrant living within the confines of two cultures. A lyrical warrior, EL.i.BE speaks of the urban American reality through the eyes of a Liberian-born, “Native Son.”

Being an active force in the Twin Cities music scene since he began rhyming at a young age, EL.i.BE founded the hip-hop group D-Mine in 2004.  In 2011, after the disbandment of D-Mine, EL.i.BE ventured into a solo career and put out the EP “Dreams” with Cherry Sky Studios.  “Dreams” is a candid and rhythmic reflection that shows the rappers versatility in storytelling and lyricism.  Containing songs ranging from growing up Liberian and refugee to tracks that are feel good, party anthems, “Dreams” is a collage of the artist's lyrical imagination. As an MC, EL.i.BE has shared the stage with some of Hip Hop’s most well respected performers including Prof, Joelle Ortiz, Slug of Atmosphere, and Brother Ali.

Slated for release in 2016 is EL.i.BE's sophomore solo album, “Liberation,” a reflection on life's impermanence and the complexities of temporal reality and “Red Eye Flight,” a new project with Cherry Sky Studios.

In addition to his work in music, EL.i.BE has also been a committed leader in his community and college, curating local events that have brought national leaders to local stages. EL.i.BE. graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Metro State University and has several years experience working in finance and brings this experience to his work as Marketing Manager with Cherry Sky Studios.