Check out my interview at Jackson Indie Week w/ Reality Breached!

Check out my interview at Jackson Indie Week w/ Reality Breached!

Part 2 of our Jxn Indie Music Week Special is ready to go.  Robert had a great week talking to what seems like the entirety of the Jackson Indie Music scene.  Enjoy one more handful of interviews from the REbre crew.

Link: http://www.realitybreached.com/2018/01/19/local-spotlight-jackson-indie-music-week-2018-part-2/

**OFFICIAL RELEASE** Memories ft Rich Garvey & Rachel Dawley (Artie Earl)

Popping wheelies in the neighborhood during the summer heat and hearing an ice cream truck rolling around the corner. picking out clothes for the new school year so everyone knows you're dope. hooping with the homies at the park across the street until the sun goes down.... first crush; first party; first cocktail that really hit hard; first time you had to hold your ground and face the consequences... a compilation of moments creating the You, as seen in the mirror every morning. sculpted out of Memories. 

EL.i.BE hit home again with a soulful track depicting the realities of growing up in the city, growing up in the face of adversity and becoming an urban warrior for justice and equality. this lyrical adventure, collaboration with Rich Garvey and Rachel Dawley, is both touching and educational; a vivid illustration to the tough-to-swallow battle of a playful and innocent childhood spirit set against the toughness of forging your own path as time claims its victims. we all have had those fights, lived through disappointments, fallen down and apart but EL.i.BE's track is a loud and clear reminder that your world is better when you pick yourself up again. doesn't matter if your knees are scraped from falling off bikes or from falling down when chasing your dreams: we all have little kids inside us that define our character, so give this track a listen. get inspired. here's to the memories.